Our Story

AMN Consulting was formed in 2005, but its history can be traced back to real estate sales and mortgage origination industry. The need for a continuous flow of leads aided the move to generate leads in-house instead of buying them from third-party vendors or lead providers.

After eight years of buying leads, AMN started marketing to generate in-house leads using a plethora of advertising platforms. From print media to billboard signs, and everything else in-between, different strategies were used as the world of advertising evolved. Come the digital age.

Digital Marketing

The dawn of digital marketing took advertising to the next level. Search engine marketing or pay-per-click advertising brought targeted traffic but a higher cost. The need to lower the cost-per-lead acquisition rate prompted the company to learn search engine optimization, commonly known as SEO. SEO is the process of ranking a site for certain keyword/s to get on top of the search engine results page (SERP). Ultimately, the goal is to convert the visitors to buying or paying clients. Not only did we blow up the market with leads, but we also dominated the SEO in each local vertical.


Getting organic (free) leads via SEO is great, but what’s even better? Optimizing or maximizing the conversion itself! After all, a business can never have “enough” leads to work. That’s where conversion optimization or more known as “conversion rate optimization” (CRO) comes in. We call it “SEO on steroids.” Instead of spending on search engine marketing or pay-per-click ads, we focus on maximizing the leads a business website generates.


The combination of targeted leads and SEO might sound like a simple strategy. However, behind each “strategy” are series of subset “strategies” plus various “mini-strategies.” What we’ve done is simplified the process. If you want to find out our approach to optimizing a site for conversions, give us a call or contact us to get started.

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Our Approach

We are a Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Specialist.

What is a CRO Specialist?

Conversion optimization specialists cover a range of skills that all affect conversions. From content management systems and survey tools to web analytics, user experience, and technical project management, CRO practitioners go beyond testing to continually improve conversion results on an organization’s website. We improve the overall conversion on a business site.

What Does a CRO Specialist Do?

We analyze the critical conversion funnel metrics, develop an ongoing roadmap to identify areas of opportunities across the site. Our approach is to execute against strategic improvements and work within the content management system.
We daily track and analyze KPIs related to multi-channel funnels, assisted conversions, and top conversion paths.
We understand search engine optimization, Web analytics packages, content management systems, the voice of customer (VoC) tools and testing programs.
Split and multivariate testing expertise is critical in the conversion field, but they are table stakes. We have the survey skills, heuristics and Web analytics knowledge, UX expertise, technology stack familiarity and IT project management abilities.

Analytics & Heuristics

A heuristic is a technique designed for solving a problem more quickly when traditional methods are too slow, or for finding an approximate solution when exemplary methods fail to find an exact solution.
Marketers familiar with Google Analytics can find underperforming areas of their websites and tweak those to find success. As CROs, we understand web usability best practices and conduct heuristics reviews that drastically improve KPIs.
Give us a call to set an appointment for a comprehensive needs-based analysis of your website.

Meet the Team

We believe in taking care of the little things as we move towards taking care of the bigger things. Attention to details to data on hand, constantly improving by gathering more data and implementing the necessary changes quickly, is only the beginning. We thrive not only on our success but more so the success of our clients.

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