What is Social Media Marketing?

social media marketing

Social media marketing is the use of different social media platforms to promote a product or service and reach a multitude of targeted audience. Since social media is the fastest growing trend in the world, advertising via social media is an effective digital marketing technique. The social “pay-to-play” model doubled from 2014 to 2016 alone. There are thousands of social media sites a business can use to advertise, but creative advertising and knowing which platform brings a higher ROI require skills and expertise. Unfortunately, in today’s social rich generation, Facebook becomes synonymous with the term social media marketing or SMM.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

  • Generate Organic Traffic

Social media boosts organic traffic of a business or a website in the form of social signals. A content that is shared on social platforms, comments and reshares, are all types of social signals. The post or article that people like and share with their friends and relatives bring traffic to the site where the link is pointing to. Getting organic traffic is the ultimate goal of SEO and social media marketing brings the organic traffic that SEO works so hard to accomplish.

  • Create Conversions

Social media marketing is an instrumental technique that advertisers use to generate and increase conversions. Having the ability to target specific demographics, e.g., single, female, 30-40 years old, dog lovers, enjoys the outdoors and loves cooking, living within a 5-mile radius of a particular business.

People like what other people are using effectively, what people are satisfied with. Knowing that a particular product is of good quality at a reasonable price is what influence people when deciding to make a purchase. Social media is a place where people can act like people, share their likes and dislikes. A business who builds their audience in social media can improve the conversion rate of the traffic their website is currently getting. That’s the power of targeted traffic.

  • Build Brand Awareness

Engaging with customers continually is good for business; it demonstrates an act of good faith not only to current customers but also to future customers. Social media marketing puts your business in front of people, who otherwise would not know that your business even exists. It gives your business the exposure needed to build a brand and recognition.

People turn to social media when they want to compliment a product or service. The more people talk about you and your product, the more valuable and authoritative your brand becomes, especially to new users. You can boost your business’ authority and visibility if you can get people to share their positive experience with your product or service in the form of reviews and shares.

  • Reduce Marketing Costs

Advertising using social media platforms is a relatively inexpensive form of pay-per-click marketing. As compared to Google Adwords, SMM costs nickel and dimes because of the lower cost-per-click. A business ad can be viewed by thousands of people, generate traffic and leads at a fraction of the cost of search engine marketing or SEM.

Retargeting is a form of internet advertising that helps you convert people who previously left your site to customers by keeping track of them and showing them your product or service again.  Social media is the best platform to use to retarget customers by showing them the specific product that they previously visited in your site.


  • Improve Search Ranking

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of ranking a website for certain keyword/s so that site will appear on top of the search engine results page or SERP. It’s not a secret that SEO is an excellent long-term strategy that every business should implement. SEO doesn’t take overnight, it takes time to see results if any. This is where social media marketing complements SEO well. Social media marketing not only brings traffic that SEO needs as a signal of relevance, but it also brings “targeted” traffic with a custom audience.

  • Better Customer Experience

Social media is just like any other communication platforms; it is designed to communicate with others about a particular product or service. Business owners should use this intelligently to gain valuable information about what their customers like and how they behave. Listen carefully to what your customers are saying and effectively provide a first-rate service via a customize product, or personalize service. In return, your customers will share that experience with others and eventually lead to more customer referrals.

Social Media Marketing for Business

In today’s digital era, it’s hard to fathom a successful business without a social media marketing presence. However, social media marketing is a different form of online marketing that it requires the expertise to deliver the results that every business is after. Low cost, targeted audience, lead on demand, how can any business not use social media marketing as part of their strategy.

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